Fourogatos Restaurant, Koum Kapi


Macedonia 106, Chania


35.515874, 24.0265466



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11:00 – 01:00


11:00 – 01:00


11:00 – 01:00


11:00 – 01:00


11:00 – 01:00


11:00 – 01:00

In the heart of Koum Kapi, the new all-day restaurant Fourogatos* has opened its doors to offer a unique dining experience in Chania.

The Fourogatos team proposes unique dishes based on traditional Cretan cuisine, creations you will not find anywhere else, and promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The wine list at Fourogatos restaurant is extensive and varied, including fine Greek and Cretan wines and Chaniotiki beer.

In conclusion, it has excellent raw materials, hospitable people, a simple but beautiful place by the sea, and value-for-money prices. What else can you request from a lange or dinner in Chania?

Fourogatos Restaurant – What we recommend you to try


  • Kriteze: Sliced tomato with fresh Chania mizithra cheese, basil pesto, olive oil, and fresh onion.
  • Fourogatos: lettuce, lola, ruccola, tomato, pasta “skioufihta”, fresh onion, peppers, grilled chicken, grated nuts, grated graviera cheese and sesami & ginger sauce.


  • Crepe: crepe with apaki, mushrooms, chicken in graviera cream.
  • Smyrna Kebab light hot kebab of lamb and veal in pepper sauce with yoghurt & pie
  • Meat pie of Chania: traditional meat pie with lamb, local cheeses and sesame.
  • Melotigano: Pieces of chicken, pork, local spicy sausage, a mixture of peppers bound in a sauce of mustard seed, honey and cheese

Main dishes:

  • Pork or chicken Kontosouvli: 500gr grilled with fried potatoes, roasted pepper, marinated carrot and dip.
  • Undercoat 500-600gr. pork of special breeding marinated for 12 hours with fried potatoes, grilled pepper, and local wine sauce.
  • Snails with wheat
  • Velvet Mousaka with minced beef, eggplant, pumpkin, potatoes and velvet cream

These are some of our suggestions for Furogatos restaurant. The menu includes many other interesting dishes and seafood.

*The Fourogatos is a rare Cretan wildcat that lives isolated in certain parts of the island’s wildlife. The Cretan bobcat is more significant than domestic cats, and males are 50 cm long.

Respected by locals for its resilience and adaptability, Fourogatos symbolises the unyielding connection between nature and community.

Εστιατόριο Φουρόγατος, Κουμ Καπί - Fourogatos Restaurant, Koum Kapi
Εστιατόριο Φουρόγατος, Κουμ Καπί

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