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About our Chania guide

Our Chania guide is not a typical tourist guide but an attempt to present you with valid information and suggestions for both locals and visitors on holiday in Chania.

We have managed to gather remarkable suggestions for businesses on one website and useful tourist information such as sightseeing, beaches, web cameras, weather, airline flights, public transport, public toilets, etc.

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A few words about Chania

Chania is a magical holiday destination in Crete and is a beautiful city that will take you beyond the boundaries of a traditional Greek landscape.

Undoubtedly Chania is the hottest destination for summer holidays with several beaches, countless attractions, cultural events, Cretan celebrations, outdoor activities, nightlife and everything else you can imagine…

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Chania Guide

The weather in Chania

In the prefecture of Chania, you will find high sunshine throughout the year, very little seasonal variation in temperature and a lack of extreme weather phenomena.

We have made an effort to collect information about the weather in Chania, Crete from various weather stations with a forecast of up to 7 days so that you can have a general idea of the weather in the prefecture of Chania.

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