General Hospital of Chania “St. George” Crete


Mournies, Chania


35.478145625841, 24.015684127808


The General Hospital of Chania “Agios Georgios” is located in Mournies and is one of Greece’s largest, with 580 beds.

It is a fully equipped hospital and has a pathology department, a surgical department, a laboratory department, an emergency department, an intensive care unit (ICU), an artificial kidney unit, a haemodynamic department, an outpatient department, an infarction unit, a daycare unit for oncological patients, Covid, a psychiatric department, etc.

The General Hospital of Chania has regular morning outpatient clinics by appointment. See Morning Clinic AvailabilityMake an appointment.

It is located outside the city of Chania in Mournies and can be accessed by city buses, lines 17 and 24, every 20 minutes from 7 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

General Hospital of Chania

Call Centre +302821022000, +302821342000
Secretary’s Office – Morning Appointments +302821071010 (08:00-14:00)
Laboratory Secretariat +302821342493 (information on laboratory tests after 11:00 a.m.)
Radiology Department Secretariat +302821342451, +30281342441
Daytime Secretariat – Evening Appointments +302821342352, +302821342572 (15:00-20:00)

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