At the Hondos Center cosmetic store, situated in Chania, you will be able to find all the brands for cosmetics and perfumes, as well as an impressive collection of fashion accessories, underwear, swimwear, bags, and many more…

Based on their experience to accommodate only the largest variety of cosmetics and fashion products, the Hondos Center store in Chania aims at providing their customers with a unique shopping destination, forming nothing less than the “home” of the most popular brands in the following product categories:

  • Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes
  • Underwear, Swimwear & tights
  • Bags and travelling products
  • Homewear

More specifically, at the ground floor of the store, you will be abel to find top brands of cosmetics, perfumes & make-up

At the  first floor of the store, you will be able to find make-up, head accessories, styling goods, hair dyes, head, face & body treatment products, men’s treatment products, cosmetics for children and personal hygiene products.

At the second floor, you will be able to find underwear, socks , stockings, pyjamas, swimwear, bags and accessories.

At Hondos Center, you will also be able to find a beauty corner with top brands, as well as with specialized personnel who will help you find the suitable products for you, as well as make makeup tips.

More specifically, you will find the beauty corner at the ground floor:

The main objective of the Hondos Center store is to constantly satisfy the needs of the contemporary consumer, offering them a unique shopping experience.

Note that, at Hondos Center, you can find new, unique deals every day

Hondos Center Cosmetic Store, Perfumes & Underwear, Chania, Crete

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