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Chania old townWelcome to beautiful Chania, a heavenly and pure land brimming with natural beauty, history, memory and culture. It is a land whose visitors will experience nature in all its glory and will encounter breathtaking sights.

Endless stretches of seashore bordered in frothy lace, inlets and islands of exotic beauty and sandy beaches tucked away at the foot of forbidding mountains. Impenetrable but yet such majestic gorges, holy caves, blessed rivers and lush, green plains thickly covered with olive and citrus trees.

Ιt is a self-sufficient land in every way that is rich in endemic and rare flora and fauna.

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Prefecture of Chania, the western one of the island of Crete, is characterized by its unique beauty.

Prefecture of Chania, the western one of the island of Crete, is characterized by its unique beauty.With endless sandy beaches, wild gorges, caves, endemic plants and animals, endless vineyards and orange groves, and a combination of wildness and sea, excites even the most choosy guests.

In the mountainous inland, it retains forgotten by time villages, scattered churches and monasteries, towers and castles.

The whole area is a very interesting archaeological site, while being a paradise for hiking, tours and sports.

Excavations both in the city of Chania and in the province proved the existence of settlements from prehistoric times to the present.

The mild Mediterranean climate (winter temperatures around 12 C and summer ones around 30 C), the unique Cretan diet, the acquaintance with customs that elsewhere tend to be forgotten and the hospitality of the islanders, earn the visitor of this blessed place.