You can find the Kostakis Dairy central shop at the northern entrance of the Municipal Market of Chania.

There is a second shop with the Kostakis cheese products inside the Municipal market of Chania, located at the western entrance.



Kostakis Diary – branch store



With a century’s experience in making cheese, the Kostaki family began running the Jijifes of Apokoronas systematically in 1975, producing authentic Cretan cheeses with traditional recipes and modern technological methods.

The cheese obtains its excellent quality and taste from the careful choice of free-range animals that graze in mountainous areas in the Chania prefecture.

One of these cheeses is the famed Kostaki graviera made from sheep’s milk and matured between 3 and 6 months.

Apart from cheese products you will find many other famous Cretan products like raki, honey raki, Sfakian pies, Cretan kalitsounia, Cretan rusks (dakos), and many others.

Kostakis Diary, Chania, Crete – Central Shop

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